Place the print head alignment sheet with the printed side FACING DOWN and align the mark or the upper left corner of the sheet with the alignment mark ( 2. Moving it to the left will decrease the contrast of the image, thus softening the image. Moving it to the right will increase the contrast of the image, thus sharpening the image. Page 533Brightness Move the slider to adjust the brightness.

After you have submitted the application, you will receive a letter to pay the costs . Do you have a residence permit for which a recognised sponsor is required, such as study or highly skilled migrant? The recognised sponsor will have to submit the application for the extension of your residence permit. Is your residence permit still valid for more than 3 months? Then you cannot yet submit an application to extend your stay.

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The case management conference convened pursuant to Article 24 of the Rules shall take place no later than 15 days from the date on which the file was transmitted to the arbitral tribunal. If the party which submitted the Application fails to pay the increased costs within the time limit fixed by the Secretariat, the Application shall be considered as withdrawn. If the parties have agreed upon the place of the arbitration, such place shall be the place of the emergency arbitrator proceedings. In the absence of such agreement, the President shall fix the place of the emergency arbitrator proceedings, without prejudice to the determination of the place of the arbitration pursuant to Article 18 of the Rules. The challenge shall be decided by the Court after the Secretariat has afforded an opportunity for the emergency arbitrator and the other party or parties to provide comments in writing within a suitable period of time.

  • If you think there are other ways in which you can alter your Wifi password, you can let us know in the comment section.
  • Since 1937, it has served as the cornerstone for most self-regulatory systems around the world, from the French ARPP Code to China’s Responsible Marketing Code.
  • When an arbitrator is to be replaced, the Court has discretion to decide whether or not to follow the original nominating process.
  • Page 71To confirm the FINE Cartridge information, click the Ink Details menu.
  • If you’re someone who never changed this from the time you first got the router and configured it, it is most likely that the username would be ‘admin’ or ‘userAdmin’ and the password would be ‘admin’ or ‘password’.
  • If the arbitral tribunal has not been constituted at the time of such withdrawal or termination, any party may request the Court to proceed with the constitution of the arbitral tribunal in accordance with the Rules so that the arbitral tribunal may make decisions as to costs.
  • In Tier 3, most courses will move to online learning, retaining on-campus provision for courses requiring clinical, research or PSRB-required on-campus activity.

Our proprietary CrewMates ™ feature lets your regular crew members authenticate your logbook entries at the click of a button on your mobile device or computer. The more you sail, the more your logbook grows and the higher level you achieve within a Rank. And, with NauticEd’s automatic resume generating software, every time you make an entry into your logbook, it appears instantly on your sailing resume. A person with solid educational credentials as well as real world experience gets the best job. Sailing theory plus hands on experience makes the best sailor. NauticEd offers online multimedia theory courses that integrate perfectly with on-the-water practical training and experience.

Icc International Court Of Arbitration Bulletin Vol 23

On the 1968 Pontiac GTO, General Motors incorporated an “Endura” body-colored plastic front bumper designed to absorb low-speed impact without permanent deformation. It was featured in a TV advertisement with John DeLorean hitting the bumper with a sledgehammer and no damage resulted. Similar elastomeric bumpers were available on the front and rear of the Plymouth Barracuda. In 1971, Renault introduced a plastic bumper on the Renault 5. Bumpers were added by automakers in the mid-1910s, but consisted of a strip of steel across the front and back.

Virat Kohli and Co. started their WTC campaign in 2019 against West Indies where they comfortably beat them 2-0. After that India had an amazing run at home turf as they clean swept South Africa and Bangladesh in a dominating way. It was New Zealand, who derailed India’s campaign a bit with a 2-0 series win.